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Passion Play | October 6, 2018

I lost some of my indifference over the last two weeks. Even if I don’t think Donald Trump was the best candidate out of the 17 Republicans who ran in 2016, I think he’s done a good job in the nearly 2 years he’s been on the job. One thing he does excel at is the reason I remain a Republican, opposing stupid crap the Left does that keeps most people from becoming Democrats. If Trump holds the House in November, he’ll be more successful than Obama in every way.

When someone fights with you, the response is going to be either fight or take flight. When something as important as a SCOTUS nomination is at stake, fighting is really the only option. Because the Supreme Court decides if something is “Constitutional,” they can essentially block or allow any law that can’t be amended by 67 Senators and 38 states. An originalist Justice should avoid that kind of decision altogether because they go by the text of the Constitution and not some nebulous “intent.”

The Kavanaugh nomination was filled with stalls and delays. First, Democrats wanted millions of documents that would have to be reviewed before release just to slow down the process. Then there were the “settled law” questions about abortion and questions about Executive authority. In reality, all but two Democrats were automatic no votes and were just trying to stop Kavanaugh in anticipation of some kind of “blue wave” in November.

While the Christine Ford allegation was a surprise for most last month, Dianne Feinstein knew about it almost since the announcement of Kavanaugh as the appointee. Revealing it then might have ended the process, but would have allowed a new judge to be nominated before the midterms. Somehow, information that was mostly known by her Senate office leaked out the week the original vote was scheduled.

Every time Ford was asked for something, her “legal team” of Democrat lackeys delayed providing it. In fact, the only thing the Senate got was her testimony, the day before Sen. Grassely was going to stop asking and call a vote. When a couple of holdout Republicans requested another FBI investigation, Ford’s lawyers continued to block giving any documents until there was an interview. The “interview” was already provided to the Senate.

Ultimately, the delays kept Kavanaugh out of a week of work at the Supreme Court, but revealed the ultimate plan for the Left. They wanted more time and more delays. They wanted to investigate the meaning of “boof.” The probably wanted to record interviews of everyone Kavanaugh ever met. They wanted Kavanaugh to be set aside entirely, because the mere accusation of impropriety should keep one off the Supreme Court, unlike the Senate or the White House, where such allegations were actually proven with evidence.

This was the big mistake of the Left. People lukewarm on Trump found themselves very passionate about a weird circus where a woman gave conflicting testimony and yet was 100% certain of it. Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins, two Senators low on the Trump fan hit parade, became stars this week because they found the assault the Democrats were trying to force on the process of government.

Despite all the hats out there, I’m not sure if we can Make America Great Again with the way politics and culture are now. What I do know is that whatever Donald Trump is doing out there, he should keep doing it.


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