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August 26, 2018
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Retroactive continuity describes an installment of a story that contradicts elements of earlier installments. Bobby Ewing dies on Dallas, but they want to bring him back, so what really happened is that Pam dreamed an entire season of the show.

With Trump and McCain, the story starts sometime around the primaries. The then candidate made a remark that being a “war hero” and being captured are incompatible with each other. The best part for me, is that there were actually two statements made.

He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.

followed the same day by:

If somebody’s a prisoner, I consider them a war hero.

It’s clear as mud. Trump went on to win the nomination with 44% of the vote and the election with 46%. Since the Senate was similarly close, Republicans had limited options to fix health care. The solution was to do a “skinny repeal” that mostly eliminated some of the mandates to carry health insurance. In reality, Trump has been doing his best to knock off the marketplace anyway and the skinny repeal would do nothing for Medicaid expansion, the true legacy of Big Government Obamacare.

McCain’s decisive “no” vote made him an enemy of Trump and also to most Trump supporters. I can understand some animosity over McCain taking a PR victory from Trump or refusing to eliminate a part of Obamacare while the rest would be in place. However, this repeal was much like the trickery used by Democrats to pass an Obamacare bill after they lost their 60th Senate seat. McCain didn’t like it then (and was mocked by Obama for it) and he didn’t do it for the Trump (who also mocked him, another similarity to Obama).

What I don’t understand is the retcon of McCain’s entire life that followed. He was called a RINO, a member of “the swamp,” and a Deep State Operative. Then there are the ridiculous stories about McCain being brainwashed or working with the Vietnamese during the war. Those are the true morons, and the ones who let those nutty theories go unchallenged probably have a few missing IQ points as well.

John McCain was a complex guy, but he was no more a traitor than the millionaire who got a deferment for shin splints.


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