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Two Minute Hate | July 30, 2018

During the second debate of the 2012 Presidential Election, CNN’s Candy Crowley did something that both damaged the Romney campaign’s momentum and destroyed the credibility of her profession. When Romney challenged Obama on the description of the tragedy of Benghazi, Crowley chose to pull up a transcript, which not only gives outside material to a debater, but also used it to argue in Obama’s favor against Romney.

What did Obama know and when did he know it is important. With only days before the election, a terrorist attack in Benghazi was only a possibility. In fact, the administration knew it was a reality before 9/11/12 was even over in the US. It was in one of Hillary’s e-mails.

For me, this is where I’m done with the e-mail excavation. By the time it was proven that Obama knew that it was a terror attack and decided to keep that from the voters, I consider that a conspiracy. Except that Obama was a lame duck and so the hunt continued for Clinton e-mails, then the obsession over “missing” e-mails. I could care less about locking her up. What aren’t we locking Obama up?

What I don’t particularly like about the new Trump Party is the random serving from one squirrel to another. The current fixation seems to be on Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, She’s one of the outliers that happens every election season who inexplicably beats an incumbent who was presumed to be in no danger. She will win her house seat because she is a Democrat in one of the most liberal districts in Manhattan. A Republican was never going to win. Yet somehow, we all need to live in fear of her because Cortez is what Democrats really stand for. If they really stood for the kind of socialism Cortez does, then there should be more Democrats like her. Republicans would win all the time.

Then there’s the Mueller investigation, or the Justice Department Investigation. Radio show hosts are losing their minds over this, even though there is supposedly no evidence and Trump did nothing wrong. If there’s nothing there, there won’t be any evidence. If evidence is being manufactured, I’m pretty sure Fox News will figure that out. Tonight, radio institution Mark Levin suggested we feel sorry for Donald Trump and all he’s been though. Boo-hoo. He’s a (kind of) billionaire who left many business partners in debt and alienated all the Republicans in Congress who might have been inclined to help him. If there was a book on how to act guilty, Tony Schwartz would be writing it right now about President Trump.

If Trump’s record speaks for itself, let it speak. Stop making it embarrassing to be a Republican, because I won’t trade in my beliefs for this incompetent boob. The two-minute hate of going after minor annoyances is ridiculous.


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