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Everyone Wants to Blow Stuff Up | June 23, 2018

Bill and Hillary Clinton knew about the importance of transnational government. When Bill left office, a lot of people owed the Clinton’s and Hillary’s political career was the payback.

Since the D’Amato machine wound down in New York, the state never saw another Republican in the Senate. Literally, all Hillary had to do was push the other women out of her way for the Senate seat that Daniel Patrick Moynihan was willing to give her. However, 2008 saw a group of upstarts who saw a weak Democratic field and chose to take on establishment candidate, much like Bill Clinton did in 1992.

After Obama, The Clintons made sure to make the Obama administration indebted to them as well. While Bernie Sanders put up a fight, Hillary was the anointed one this time. The only problem is that there are only so many Democrats out there.

While there is a left wing and a moderate (more left) wing out there, there isn’t exactly a civil war going on. The Republicans, however, are at war. The GOP had about 12 years between 1994 and 2006 where they had control over significant parts of the government process. In that time, however, much of their leadership (Gingrich) was run out of town and the Red wave of 1994 was made up of people like Joe Scarborough and Lindsey Graham.

After Republicans were deemed obsolete in 2008, a group of people started to rally and organize. They were known as the Tea Party. What’s interesting is that looking at the numbers, there must have been a lot of people who were sick enough of Bush and “McSame” to vote for Barack Obama. Within a year, there was a level of buyer’s remorse. This was an emotional reaction from being played.

The current Obama to Trump voter (with a possible stop for Romney in between) prefers to believe that Donald Trump exists outside the system and that the ones being played are the ones they hate. Trump encourages this because he’d rather be worshiped by a few than moderately liked by many.

So, the Republicans who pre-dated the 1994 takeover are either middle-aged and older voters or politicians approaching the median age of death. One of those is George Will. Will “left” the Republican party when Trump got the Republican nomination in 2016 and was terminated by Fox on Trump’s inauguration day. The news this week is that he advocated that no one vote Republican as long as Trump is the leader of the party.

The reality is that Will is stuck in the 1980’s. He has criticized every Republican since Reagan and is practically the embodiment of the perfect being the enemy of the good. He is a symptom of a Trump administration where allies have to sacrifice for Trump and intellectual honesty is met with the Twitter equivalent of “yo mama” jabs.

In my case, the member of Congress will either be a Democrat or a rabid Trump supporter. However, many Republicans get to choose a moderate Republican. A majority of Democrats in Congress will only amplify the fear that would get Trump reelected. How do I know? Because Trump is doing the same things Barack Obama did.

Trump is blowing up D.C. His enemies are blowing up stuff in response. It’s fun to blow stuff up rather than govern. Rather than being the adult in the room, Trump is setting the tone by being Arthur Bach. I know it’s crazy, but it’s true.


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