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It’s Sarah Palin’s Fault? | May 29, 2018

John McCain, who incidentally lived longer than the 8 year presidential term liberals thought he couldn’t live through, has been using his last months to settle scores and define his legacy. Among his revelations is that his campaign staff convinced him to choose Sarah Palin as his running mate. Unsurprisingly, those same campaign people also trashed her since the day after the election of 2008.

I understand that McCain may have wanted to pal around with Joe Lieberman on the 2008 Grumpy Old Men Campaign Tour, but there is no way in hell that would have beaten the Obama train. What’s been happening in the last few weeks is more about the rest of the media drawing a line from Palin to Donald Trump.

My personal opinion is that Palin’s early endorsement of Trump after sitting out the 2012 primary season, helped to gain Trump a significant wing of the Republican Party. I also think that Palin never got the respect she deserved from most of the Republican Party. She probably decided that the people who supported her were mores supportive of Trump than Ted Cruz.

However, this idea that Palin is as inarticulate and toxic as Trump is ridiculous. She re-energized the McCain campaign while also being an effective governor. Her missteps are few and far between. She doesn’t tacitly support racists or school shooters or whatever else the dumbass media accuse her of. Palin has decided not to try winning over the people who hate her, which is always a good idea.

I am part of a very small fraction of conservatives who thinks that Governor Palin was a rising star in the party who was largely abandoned when she proved she was better than the GOP at connecting with disaffected voters. At the same time, I also think that Donald Trump is doing damage to the Republican Party and the result will either be a complete redefinition or the death of the Republicans. I know Trump doesn’t care. I kind of wonder if Palin does.


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