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Restate Chose to Shania Itself | April 28, 2018

Just before Kanye West boarded the Trump Train, there was social media firestorm over Shania Twain. The Canadian pop success gave an interview where she said that she understood why people in the US voted for Trump. That alone led to two things. First, Trumpers jumped on the bandwagon and proclaimed she was red-pilled (which is just the right-wing version of “woke”). Then, she was attacked on social media by most of the entertainment community. When Twain apologized, the right disowned her. Ironically, they never actually owned her and went from excessively loving her to excessively hating her in a span of a few hours.

That is Trumpism.

Diversity of opinion is an illusion at this point. If the last couple of two term GOP presidents are any indication, Republican support for President Trump will wane by about 2022, but will be strongest until the next election in 6 months. To that end, the site Redstate thinned its herd of writers who were being paid by the click. While not all writers who criticized Trump were fired, the ones who got the most money from Salem Media seemed to get the ax.

Sadly, the pro-Trumpers there will get more clicks from fellow Trumeprs who see this as a victory. The Trump critics will see their click rates fall from a general abandonment of Redstate by people who accepted that diversity. Frankly, I’m over Redstate. Susan Wright is at The Resurgent anyway. Of course, Redstate will lose even more readers because the pro-Trump stuff isn’t “Conservative Treehouse” rabid enough. Then it will be absorbed.

At least Salem Media will now have easier access to that sweet Russian troll ad money.



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