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This is (another reason) Why Trump Won | April 14, 2018

This week, the Simpsons got their turn in the barrel. On Sunday’s episode, the characters referred to the fact that Apu was a stereotype and, but was a conversation for another time. This is viewed as a reaction to the “documentary” aired on TRUTV, the home of car crash videos and prank shows, with the unimaginative title, “The Problem with Apu.”

A number of comedians and people even less funny than strident comedians have enhanced their careers by complaining about the negative portrayal of other races in entertainment. This is only slightly different than complaining about the absence of other races in entertainment.

Hank Azaria, who voices Apu, is on the hot seat right now. This is hilarious, given that he does a number of different voices. Apu is a character who grew over the years. Should they swap him out for an Indian actor? That’s not the show’s style. They’d be more likely to retire the character, like they did with the characters voiced by Phil Hartman.

Ultimately, the hand wringing and navel gazing over this is an indication of why Trump galvanized the people who were tired of being retroactively painted as racist, uninformed or unsophisticated. In fact, Trump won the Republican nomination in large part because the media promoted Trump to the exclusion of other candidates, on the uninformed and unsophisticated theory that the idiots in middle America would have to vote for Hillary Clinton.

The best part is that Hollywood is now a target for years of actors and executives thinking they were above the rules of civilized society. Aziz Ansari, who took on Fisher Stevens over his role in Short Circuit, found himself the subject of an embarrassing story of his dating moves.

While the shapers of culture have a lot of power, the people who make up the culture are fighting back.


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