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Axis of Ego | April 2, 2018

Last week, America (around 10% of it) saw an hour of TV with an old married couple with two broke daughters, a shortage of prescription drugs, and a grandson who dressed like a girl. One of the daughters moved back home with her two kids and the other was trying to become a surrogate mother at 43. What liberal crap is this? It’s the new Rosanne and Trumpers are wetting their pants with glee.

20 years ago, Rosanne went off the air and it deserved to. Rosanne Barr started her show as a blue collar mom who also worked at a toy factory while her husband worked as a contractor. The school of hard knocks taught them well, and they often showed up the middle and higher class people who clashed with them. Then Rosanne got remarried, divorced, discovered everyone had molested her and got bored with her sitcom. Eventually, the Conners won the lottery and had dumb adventures. Then, they didn’t because Rosanne was writing a book and Dan was really dead. Or not.

Rosanne is crazy, but her particular type of crazy is Trump-flavored and is making her an icon for Trump and his supporters. But the same goes for Trump himself. Donald Trump has criticized (and usually sucked up to) every president since people started pointing a camera at him. He was a Democrat until some time until just before Obama’s second term, when he mulled over running for president. Not only that, he donated to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats he now rails against.

I’ve called Barack Obama a cult of personality, but that was something forged by others. Now, so-called conservatives are glomming on to any celebrity who says what they want to hear. James Woods like to date girls in the Roy Moore age spectrum, but he says libertarian stuff, so he’s a great guy now. Not being on the Trump bandwagon can be lonely, but it also means I don’t have to brainwash for or against people because they fall out of favor with the White House.

You need to fight for things, but they can’t be a collection of tax cuts, protectionism and nebulous military spending to build a “border wall” from a slush fund. Believe in things, not people. Someday, Trump will be out of office or dead and I don’t want Rosanne to be the next standard bearer.


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