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What Devin Nunes Did on His Summer Vacation | February 2, 2018

Now “the memo” is out and it effectively describes what a memo is. Most memorandums are informal records or notes. It’s what companies used before mass e-mails to issue instructions or announcements to employees. If Congressman Nunes went on FOX News and said what he read in meetings, he could be brought up on charges. If he writes his talking points in a memo and it gets released by Republicans in power, its now a “declassified” memo.

Unfortunately, the memo failed the first test. RedState has further enraged the Trumper community by pointing out that Nunes’ written notes on James Comey’s testimony don’t match James Comey’s testimony. This is important because the memo is a sort of executive summary of a lot of non-public activity that should not be available to the people who might be subject to things like FISA warrants. We can’t verify most of the information (much like the Steele dossier) and if what we can verify is wrong, it loses credibility.

If the anti-Trump stuff in the memo is acted upon, the president may have enough ammunition to fire at Robert Mueller. This could lead to impeachment hearings in January next year in a Democratic House or the pardon contingency where New York starts suing Trump over tax fraud using whatever Mueller’s team has found already.



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