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I Feel Bad for Norm Coleman | December 7, 2017

Just before Inauguration Day 2009, there were 57 Senators on the Democratic Party side. Roland Burris was accepted as an appointment to replace Barack Obama as Senator from Illinois, even though his appointment was by Governor Rod Blagojevich, who would later be jailed for that action. A few months later, after siding with the Democrats a few times, Arlen Specter switched to the Democratic Party in April.

While 59 seats is a big majority in the Senate, the 60th seat was the key to railroading anything the Democrats wanted. That seat finally went to recent politician and career-long comedy writer Al Franken. Franken ran against Republican Norm Coleman, who held the seat until the election. Coleman and Franken were a few hundred points apart at just under 42% of the vote each.

The problem with voting is that there is so much Democrat cheating that it’s baked into the cake. Even though Coleman was ahead at the start of the night, Franken was eventually considered with winner by a scant 312 votes. While Coleman fought the result for months, there was no way Minnesota wasn’t going to provide that rubber stamp for Obama.

With Al Franken’s departure, it would be interesting for Norm Coleman to run again, but I doubt if that will happen. Sometimes it just takes 8 years to reverse an error.


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