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Strong and Wrong

October 29, 2017
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There are two important propositions about the 2016 election.

Hillary Clinton would be the worst possible president.

Only Donald Trump can beat Hillary Clinton.

About 52% of the voting public believed #1, but #2 is shrouded in grays. Given the vote on Election Day, there was no one else who could have kept Clinton below the majority of Electoral Votes. But what if NBC had offered Trump a lot more money to do The Apprentice in 2015 or Trump got hit by a taxi. Would the Republicans really have not been able to beat Hillary? Given the fact that people were tired of Obama and hardly anyone ran against Hillary in the primaries, I’d say she’d have lost to any number of people, Jeb and Marco included.

In politics, the definition of winner or loser is subject to the date. Trump was a loser in 1999 when he announced and then withdrew his run for the Reform Party nomination. Hillary Clinton was a winner at the same time, dominating the New York Democratic Party machine and running essentially unopposed for Senator. In 2017, Clinton is now the loser and Trump is the winner. Who knows what will happen in a few years?

Trump is like Barack Obama in that he has a unique relationship with the American public. He can demand legislation be pushed through, but not be involved in writing it. Also, like Obama, Trump can blame Republicans when that process fails. Trump doesn’t accept failure because he usually side steps it. He’s good at cutting his losses. He doesn’t declare bankruptcy. He sells off businesses and the next guy declares bankruptcy. If he loses in 2020, he’ll blame the swamp and move on.

This is one reason Trump can be strong and wrong without worrying about a 35% approval rating. He’s not a politician. Unfortunately, most Republicans in office are. Their loyalty is as strong as what Trump can do for them and he knows this. They will also cut their losses, especially if a Roy Moore loss leads to a 51 Senator majority.

Welcome to the do nothing constructive Congress,


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