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September 17, 2017
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Donald Trump doesn’t adhere to ideology, just opinion. The difference is that one of the public people willing to give his take on events in the news or just things that bother him. His whole life has been about taking on people who bother him. The new strategy of talking to Chuck and Nancy is an attempt to attack the people who have been bothering him and not passing his pledges. While this is an attempt to weaken McConnell and Ryan, it also is a shot at the Freedom Caucus that if the left takes the deal before the right does, the Freedom Caucus becomes the loser.

The Art of the Deal is a book title suggested by Tony Schwartz to Donald Trump for the book he ghost wrote. Trump’s “art” mostly relies on his various tactics to do illegal things but not be legally responsible. For example, you don’t have to declare bankruptcy if you sell your share first, the other investors can do it. You don’t have to pay your contractors 100 cents on the dollar if your relatively cheap lawyers can settle the bill much lower.

The fallacy of negotiation is that negotiation is when one person wants a banana and the other wants and apple and you compromise with an orange. If everyone met in the middle, each side just changes their endpoints to get what they really want. And if they want a banana, an orange is as bad as an apple. Mostly, negotiation is about position. I remember getting a relatively bad deal on a car while my sister got a relatively good deal. I was more desperate for a car. She was more willing to walk away.

The willing to walk away thing might be one of the arts of the deal. The problem for Trump is that walking away invites rallies with small crowds who might show up to boo him. Right now, he may be in the sweet spot, where the media thinks he’s lost his base and the base thinking Trump is playing everyone on the left. That’s the art of Trump, fooling all of the people some of the time.

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