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Plan F | August 23, 2017

Last year, I was lamenting the inability of Republicans to side with Ted Cruz when he was the only real competitor to Donald Trump in early primaries. Instead, Jeb Bush fell, then Marco Rubio, then John Kasich embarrassed himself until the day Cruz suspended his campaign. Then, there was the short-lived contested election plan. The Democrats tried the Electoral College plot. Each plan got more desperate and unlikely.

Now, the Trump administration has entered that phase.

For months, Trumpers have praised Donald’s ability to master a conflict or persuade people. In reality, he’s more likely to yell at people, fire them or berate them in public. Early on Trump made one deal. Nominate a solid Constitutional originalist for the Supreme Court and Mitch McConnell would lower the vote threshold from an impossible 60 to an achievable 50. Then Trump took all the credit.

Six months later, there’s a Supreme Court justice and not much else. The Obamacare (skinny) repeal was eventually done in by John McCain, the man Trump thought wasn’t a war hero. Besides McCain, Trump is actively campaigning for junior Arizona Senator Jeff Flake’s primary opponent and trashing the aforementioned McConnell. Oh, and Trump’s Interior Secretary tried to strong-arm Lisa Murkowski into changing her vote on Obamacare. That didn’t work, either.

So, in 2018 the House has enough seats in danger to flip the party in power to the Democrats. Even if that doesn’t happen, 10% of the Republicans in the Senate are on Trump’s shit list. While there is no more Steve Bannon to threaten the House, Trump is still there to collectively blame “the Senate” for not doing his bidding.

The best part for me is the Plan B of making America Great Eventually. Trumpers are giving up on the Senate and McConnell. Instead, they are going to primary any Republican who doesn’t get on the Trump train. Of course, McCain and Murkoski just got re-elected. Flake might get beaten by perennial losing candidate Kelli Ward, likely getting a Democrat elected. McConnell is more popular than ever with his Senate colleagues, and they choose the Majority Leader.

Essentially, since Trump can’t directly fire people he doesn’t like, he is trying to get them fired. In the Trump world where everyone else is the problem, this will make everything great again. His supporters firmly believe this can happen because Trump accidentally won the presidency, therefore predictive modeling no longer exists. They can keep believing that for 14 more months.


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