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To What End? | August 18, 2017

Looking at the Trump administration so far, it seems that the president’s main motivation is to be validated by his most fervent fans. He schedules nearly monthly rallies to cheering crowds. He tweets bold statements to have an impact on the news. Also, Trump will backslide from more moderate statements when they are viewed as soft by Trumpers. This week was an excellent example. Trump said there was violence on all sides last weekend, which was not helpful to anyone and he gave a more presidential statement on Monday. When reporters challenged him on Tuesday, Trump doubled down on his original tweets.

Trump’s unpopularity with Democrats and Independents is assisted by the media. However, Trump’s unpopularity with Republicans is largely due to his inability to get his agenda through Congress and his willingness to either lose or make primary elections expensive for Senators he needs to pass legislation. Purging the non-believers is a good theory, but it usually results in years of rebuilding.

A year ago, Steve Bannon steered the Mercer family fortune from Ted Cruz to Donald Trump. Rebekah Mercer was a big fan of Bannon and, Bannon was a fan of the kind of big border wall, trade war with China populism of Donald Trump. Bannon was also the authority for the “alt-right” perspective. Ultimately, Bannon was trying to refocus Trump to his original promises. John Kelley is just trying to get Trump to focus and Bannon was in the way.

Either one of two things will happen. Trump will continue to start petty arguments, write executive orders that fail in the courts and annoy enough of Congress that they will completely block his agenda. Otherwise, Trump will bring on more traditional staff, learn to deal with Congress and disappoint some of his most rabid fans.

I’m concerned that Donald Trump isn’t up to the job of president. I’m annoyed by the people who are unwavering in their support because they keep the president from learning to work with people. Donald Trump is well on his way to alienating two-thirds of the Congress and federal employees. If that’s the plan I have to ask “to what end?” Once every RINO and swamp dweller has been identified, how does that affect change? If Trump wants to be a martyr to the cause, he should hurry up, because Mike Pence is waiting in the wings and Trump can’t fire him.


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