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Republicans, Conservatives and Anarchists

August 13, 2017
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Unfortunately, Charlottesville was the result of counter-protesting. First, we had the original protest of a “national” group of just over 100 people. They were either racists, nationalists, Nazis or Klansmen, depending on the definition. Then there was the counter-protest of ANTIFA, liberals who have unable to live their lives since the election of Donald Trump and instead “resist” by standing around with signs and yelling. Then there was some counter-counter-protesting by the Alt Right who hates liberals.

The man who drove through the protest appeared to be on the anti-ANTIFA side and apparently marched with the White pride group. He could be a madman like the guy who shot Gabby Giffords, or a mad man like the guy who shot Steve Scalise. The big problem right now is that the Steve Bannon Alt Right who supports Trump is trying to divide themselves from the Alt Right that blames other races for their problems.

Most issues effectively have two sides, but having a party with every permutation of issue bias would make political power impossible. Even in countries with multiple political parties, maybe 3-4 have any influence and one often gets the majority. By the way, Trump would have won in a parliamentary system, given the Congressional demographics.

So, there are two parties in the US with a set of positions on various government and social issues. As the voter, you have to decide which collection you like better. Donald Trump offered a two-fer. He promoted border security, something both parties have been tepid on, as well as promoting tax breaks for business as a way to increase jobs, a combination straddling the Republicans and the Democrats.

The only problem is that the Tea Party and its creation Donald Trump, created a third group within the right side of the political spectrum. There are Republicans, conservatives and the anarchists who gave up on the Republicans and distrust many movement conservatives. When I see Trump and his supporters criticizing Republican lawmakers and complaining about “the swamp,” it looks a lot like a group trying to bring everything down. I’m not surprised, since some of the biggest pro-Trump people were Hillary supporters in 2008 who slowly lost faith as she bolstered her primary rival, Barack Obama.

I can tell you what a Republican is. They register as a party, they appear on ballots and they have conventions. I can tell you about conservatives, but sometimes they vary between the cultural Christians and the free expression libertarians. The anarchists are less obvious. There’s the Alt Right, but there’s also the “Alt Left” Bernie supporters. The Democrats are trying to hold on to that group, even though they tend to blame Bernie Sanders for Hillary Clinton’s loss.

However, I don’t think a group that won’t associate themselves with the GOP or conservatism is going to easily separate themselves from KKK offshoots, especially when they call themselves White nationalists. There are only so many distinct sides.


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