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The Red Pill

August 8, 2017
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Netflix, the home of Iron Sky, chose not to stream documentary film “The Red Pill.” I finally saw this title on my Hulu trial subscription. It’s interesting because of the recent news about a Google employee blowing the whistle on the company’s new focus on “diversity” over quality of content or technology. The employee write about the differences that made female programmers scarce, while the company took great pains to increase their presence.

The premise is that director Cassie Jaye took the “red pill” and discovered what she thought feminism was about has actually veered into a movement designed to pit male privilege against female empowerment.¬†Jaye herself was an actress who found herself in B-movies with no apparent future. Instead, she started making documentaries with a critical view of conservatives. Ironically, Hollywood, the home of celebrity feminists, ended up being the most sexist, trying to exploit Jaye’s interest in acting to get her clothes off in low-budget productions.

The best summary of “The Red Pill” came when one of the Men’s Rights Activists called the place of men and women in society “a mixed bag.” Women have to spend more on their appearance, they don’t get the highest paid jobs in the country as often and they can be at a physical disadvantage to men. At the same time, men often have the most dangerous jobs, they get much harsher prison sentences and verdicts in family courts and they die about 6 years sooner than women. Everyone has problems, and sometimes there’s no oppressor other than life itself.

Feminism was originally a socialist movement that found itself out of money. The leaders learned the lesson of most leftist movements, donations require an unending struggle that is impossible to win. Second wave (or third, I have no idea at this point) feminism skipped the laws and decided that the society was stopping equality. Progressivism is about changing bad law, socialism is about making new laws to enforce right-think. Of course, donations only continue when the struggle is real.

When bosses weren’t able to force their employees to sleep with them, sexual harassment was defined as women being threatened or abused by co-workers. Eventually, it devolved into employees who saw or overheard things that made them feel bad. That kind of “hostile work environment” will never end because when major offenses are removed, the minor offenses become major.

I go back to the model for all socialism, the French Revolution. When France ended the monarchy and all the royals were dispatched, the leaders of the revolution had to govern. When their promises failed and people with hard jobs and little pay stopped working, people were starving and complaining about it. The solution was to punish complainers. When those people were killed or jailed, the problems persisted. Then people would turn in those who complained privately to curry favor with the government. Eventually, society broke down and the founders of the revolution met the fate of so many of the citizens.

Unfortunately, the feminist movement is large and ill-defined. The resistance is vocal, but not nearly large enough. The one positive about “The Red Pill” is that the conflict does not have to be men vs. women. It’s the sane vs. the insane.


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