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The Long Pull

August 6, 2017
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Trump supporters have 2 speeds. Bitch and moan or cheer and gloat. Plotting and planning are things traitorous Deep State people do. The definition of Deep State expands and contracts but mostly comprises anyone who isn’t an extension of Donald Trump. The President learned his limits when he signed a bill ending his power to lift sanctions against Russia.

The selling point for autocratic rule is quick and decisive action. The drawback is that benevolent dictatorships are few and far between. A country can speak with one voice, but that voice is accountable to a group of people in democracies. The US has increased the amount of power a president has, mostly due to assent. However, Congress can still take that power back.

The biggest threat to the Trump agenda may be the Mueller investigation. Remember, the FBI was looking primarily into Michael Flynn’s activities. Then Donald Trump fired James Comey. Jeff Sessions had recused himself from Russia matters and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, appointed a special counsel take Comey’s place. Comey was supposedly fired over the Benghazi investigation, not the Flynn investigation.

I’m actually surprised about the reaction of conservatives who didn’t initially support Trump who have now switched into bitch and moan mode. They fear a soft coup where Democrats are going to stop Trump from changing anything, using investigations and career government people to thwart him. Of course they are. The reason they can is that Trump has both refused to hire Republicans who weren’t obsequious enough and he does not have enough experience on his team to work in federal government.

Let’s go back to the last, best hope to stop government intrusion, Scott Walker. Walker was fought against and was threatened with an early recall election. Walker had a small majority in the legislature, but he had one goal. Wisconsin started to dismantle the government employee unions that were bankrupting the state and funding the Democrats. If you think the Deep State is entrenched, try organized labor in the home state of unionization.

Running against the government is very popular. Governing against the government is not. In the case of the health care bill, it is clear that Trump will not provide any cover if the Republicans pass something that has growing pains and he is likely to put all the blame for any problems on Republicans, even if they passed a full repeal. How do you get more than 95% of all Congressional Republicans to vote for something where they know they are on their own in terms of blame and will be marginalized in terms of credit? A president must lead their party, not herd it.

Personally, the government that governs least governs best. I don’t give a crap about Trump’s agenda because it is disjointed and ever-changing. He spent over a year bashing Republicans and claiming the mantle of a new party where he is king. Here’s the reward. The government is going to run without him and Trump will find fewer defenders in the party that he is nearly at war with anyway.


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