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Endangered Species | July 30, 2017

I’m not really worried about what Donald Trump will do to this country.

Barack Obama turned out to be largely a tool of the Democratic Party. His presence allowed the Democrats to strip away American exceptionalism by making America a subordinate to globalism. We have partial socialized medicine and a regulatory state that makes being a citizen slightly illegal.

If anything, Trump is a hindrance to the Republican Party. He quit the GOP in 1999 when he tried to become the Reform Party nominee. Months later, he quit the Reform party when he discovered that another colorful billionaire still had control over it. As president, Trump has the power of Executive Orders, but will shortly have limited power over Russian sanctions. He also nominated a Supreme Court justice, but Mitch McConnell’s Senate put him on the bench. The Republican agenda will continue, just less of it.

I am worried about the Republican Party, however. When Ronald Reagan became president, he was also a hindrance to the GOP at the time. They were a party of bean counters, willing to raise taxes to counter spending. They were fighting Communism, but their battle for Civil Rights had recently ended. Blacks with voting rights and equality gave way to Democrats offering welfare. Reagan changed the coalition. Many Carter voters saw his Christian values turn into dope smoking and Iranian hostage misery and blue collar workers suffered the malaise of exploding inflation.

Social conservatism is being reformed into this libertarian model of “do what you want, but leave me alone.” Gay marriage is great, closing bakeries for not catering gay weddings is still bad. Of course, as each domino falls, mostly Christian-based values are marginalized. If you want to see the worst of America’s future, just look at the EU. And if you don’t like the restrictiveness of Christian values, too bad. Socialism’s disdain for the family and Islamic breeding culture means you’ll get Sharia law instead.

Scott Walker, and to a lesser extent Ted Cruz, represented the Christian conservative working within the confines of the Republican Party. Donald Trump represents the old man who used to be a progressive until progress went to fast for him. He knows what he doesn’t like, he’s just not sure why.

In a little over a year, there will be an election and we could very well see a new Republican Party of untethered, Tea Party dilettantes who define their values by what the other side wants.


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