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The Most Dangerous Man in America | July 28, 2017

John McCain is a man with (probably) nothing left to lose. Aside from his health, McCain was probably not going to run or win in 2022. He had a choice of either sticking it to Obama, who responded “I won” when McCain questioned the effectiveness of the ACA, or sticking it to Trump when he said McCain wasn’t a war hero because he was a POW. He picked the current guy in the White House.

Trump has been pulling the Obamacare rip cord since the first House vote failed earlier this year. This morning, he yet again referred to Obamacare failing on its own and claiming that will lead to ultimate victory. Yet, he still blames the people who voted no for robbing him of immediate triumph.

Of course, McCain may be the only one who didn’t replay the Obamacare process 7 years later. Remember when a brain cancer-stricken Ted Kennedy was wheeled in to vote for a half-assed bill that was eventually passed by the House with no changes because they had already screwed over the entire Republican Party? This time, a stricken Senator chose not to pass a half-assed bill that could eventually be passed by the House with no changes.

During the landfill fire of a 2016 election season, I watched as Republicans tried to put Jeb, then Rubio and eventually Kasich in front of Trump to get someone other than Ted Cruz nominated. Then I heard about possible convention fights and third party candidates. Then there were the faithless electors, too few to make any difference. Since 2009, the GOP has lived in fear of what the Tea Party might do and Donald Trump is the nightmare.

The party is afraid to do anything and with good reason. Trump wants a health care bill that covers everyone, costs Americans nothing and saves trillions of dollars. Since that is actually impossible, any failures will be blamed on the party Trump is waging war on. In other words, Trump is for Trump, Democrats and Republicans better watch themselves.

The thing that got Trump the Republican nomination, the GOP’s reluctance to make hard decisions, is the same thing that lost the health care repeal. On top of that, there is very little in the way of political cost. Lisa Murkowski already survived being primaried once. Susan Collins can likely beat any challenger as she is the most popular Senator within the confines of a state.

At least we still have that Supreme Court justice. Donald Trump did one thing.


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