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Doctor Her | July 17, 2017

Over a decade ago, Doctor Who explained to his companion that the Earth would be gone in the future and that humans would eventually go out among the universe and learn to interact with various aliens. With that, the first bisexual character was created on the show. It was inevitable from there.

Around 2014, I missed a Saturday airing of Doctor Who on BBC America. From there, I found there was no turning back. I have watched very in the little in the way of new episodes. The series had become formulaic, message-heavy and relied too much on bringing back a “classic” villain instead of developing stories about the human condition.

I think the fact that classic fans have become disinterested and a new crop of fanboys / fangirls want to push gender fluidity as far as they can, the producers probably figured a female Doctor would be the best way to keep the struggling series from cancellation (again). Now, if they had dropped this in after David Tennant, I might have been properly pissed, as a Brit might say. Instead, there is no real tradition left anyway.

I doubt if I am anything but indifferent over this.


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