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Yay? | July 11, 2017

Almost 100 years ago, the Republicans began a dozen year run as the majority in the House and Senate. The Democrats largely ran the table for the next 60 years until Newt Gingrich exploited voter dissatisfaction with both Congressional Democrats and President Clinton. Exactly two Republican presidents since the New Deal have had majorities in both Houses, George W. Bush and Donald J. Trump.

Presidents can say a lot of things, but Congress has the duty to create the laws or repeal them, as the case may be. When the Congress and president are in the same party, it can be a powerful combination. The Democrats managed to use it to spread creeping socialism for generations.

In the game of politics, winning the presidency is defense. You can use it to keep legislation without a clear majority from passing. The legislature is offense. They make the changes and when 1,000 page pieces of legislation are passed, they pretty much control every piece of the machine of government. However, the perception is that the president is the offense and the Congress is the defense.

Part of the problem with Donald Trump is that he believes he is the quarterback. He expects Republicans in Congress to take the hit on Obamacare without putting any proverbial skin in the game. He also thinks it is an essential function of the White House to negate every media story critical of his presidency. Offense may be a good defense, but a rigorous defense may not be any good.

We’re approaching the 6 month mark in this presidential term. Due to the active nature of the White House on social media, support and opposition both remain high. However, mild distaste is also growing. Today’s spin on Donald Trump Jr., semi-advisor to the president, is that even though he talked to Russian surrogates about dirt on Hillary Clinton, nothing illegal happened. However, Don Jr. is also not too bright and therefore can be forgiven for not remembering the meeting, even though he published e-mails of this forgotten meeting within hours.

This is probably the left’s Plan D. Trap Trump in an endless cycle of media trashing while Morning Mika gets a huge book deal, MSNBC ratings are growing and Fox and Friends becomes unwatchable. Meanwhile, a fairly pointless travel ban is being fought in the courts and the Obamacare repeal replace rewrite repair is stalled indefinitely. Conservatives won. Where’s the damn prize?


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