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Liars Lying About Liars | July 1, 2017

A dumpster fire is a special kind of mess where the thing being consumed by flame becomes more offensive, not less. Now, if you imagine said fire being started by two groups throwing Molotov cocktails at each other until one hits the dumpster, you get an idea of the Trump presidential social media story of the week.

Donald Trump rarely explains his thought processes. It is more likely that surrogates or supporters will ascribe creative or intelligent motivations to Trump’s words and he will agree with those conclusions. Most of Trump’s actual speeches are incoherent or filled with more weasel words than Bill Clinton testimony. However, his detractors are further upset, his supporters are thrilled (up their legs) and the rest just sigh and pretend Trump isn’t the de facto head of the Republican Party.

The media, of course, brought all the disdain of Trumpers on themselves. Print and cable media have especially focused on resisting Donald Trump rather than resisting the urge to release stories that are poorly sourced or provably false. That’s not all, however. Media outlets gave inordinate attention to Trump during the primaries because he was a disruptor. He insulted other Republicans and looked like he would lose the general election for the party.

Then there’s Morning Joe. Their points about Trump’s penchant for retaliation and weird obsession with female blood were accurate. However, the claims that Trump “changed” after he became president are completely ridiculous. Donald Trump likes to be “in charge” but he doesn’t like responsibility. His lieutenants are his family members and the loyalists he’s accumulated over the years. He takes ownership of any success and has someone ready to blame when he fails.

The media decided that they could handle Trump and win the presidency for Hillary Clinton. Well, they gambled at the Trump Casino and lost. Like any other gambling, the winning move is not to play.


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