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No One Rides for Free | June 19, 2017

Last week, I started a post about this administration after the story of a cabinet meeting where they started off by publicly praising Trump’s agenda and presidency. The gist was that if Trump does not get a pledge of loyalty, you’re fair game for termination. So anyone in the federal government who does not like President Trump (Republican or Democrat) can’t skate by and that may eventually drive them crazy.

Then someone went crazy.

Back in the PC heyday, conservatives used to mock the idea of speech codes and the idea that words were hate speech. In the last week, Trump supporters are trying to blame “Hollywood” and Democrats for an attack on Republicans by a lone nut. Then, in a twist with no awareness of irony, a couple of twitter trolls shouted down some performance of a play where Julius Caesar was played as Donald Trump while assassinated.

Gabby Giffords was brought up this week by the left, but was effectively blunted by the tired conclusion that a map by Sarah Palin was responsible. Not to make the Trumpers too happy, I’d like to point out that this attack on conservatives is not unique for Trump supporters.

Months before the election of 2012, a gunman tried to enter an office building for the Family Research Council with a bag of Chik-fil-A and the desire to kill some anti-gay people. He was stopped by an unarmed guard who was shot in the process. Was this the result of heated rhetoric on gay rights? Maybe. It’s also possible that the guy was crazy.



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