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The Most Dangerous Game

May 14, 2017
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Donald Trump is not a great president. He reminds me of the kind of self-promoting guy at work who makes a big deal out of ordinary accomplishments and slacks off on the day to day drudgery everyone else has to pick up. Rather than draining the swamp, Trump has only proven that the swamp has been in charge for decades.

Since the swamp runs the country, the guy sitting at the big desk is mostly ballast. Barack Obama is a good example of this. His two biggest and worst accomplishments have been to transfer one trillion dollars to Democratic Party interest groups and to preside over a health care law where insurance companies conceded to giving preexisting conditions a pass in health care cost to individuals. That genie is unlikely to go back into the bottle and it will eventually cost everyone else.

Otherwise, there were no FEMA camps. Terrorism is closer to home, but is costing fewer lives overseas. Immigration is about the same and it will be years until we see if Trump’s tough talk leads to action. Obama was a lousy president and that gave us a Republican majority and a Republican president.

The legacy will be the deciding factor in Trump’s success. In terms of action, he has mostly reversed Obama’s Executive Orders with his own and appointed a Supreme Court Justice almost any other Republican might have. What his supporters love is his attitude toward the media, both threatening, dismissing and bypassing them as much as possible. Obama poked at his opponents, too (“I won”) and that hurt the Democrats. Could Trump instigate a bloodbath for the GOP in 2018?

I was looking through my old posts from 2012 and the harsh criticisms of Romney. Like Trump, he wasn’t as ideologically conservative and he attacked his own party’s contenders; qualities I don’t like. However, I also criticized Romney for not taking on the Democratic nominee as much and not being as steadfast in his beliefs. Also, I have thought for years that no party has been tough enough on immigration.

If you look at the 2008 landslide where Democrats cemented their majority and briefly got a 60 seat majority in the Senate, the media started telling stories of a “permanent majority” and the death of the Republican Party. Instead of demoralizing them, it alerted opponents of Democrats that they may only have one shot to change the narrative. However, the GOP still lost the presidency.

in many cases, the media will prefer a Republican presidential candidate and give him better coverage. When he’s a talkative candidate, they can then use everything they say against them in the general election. The problem is that every Republican since Nixon has been Satan and when everyone is Satan, you can’t tell who is actually good or bad.

Trump became the choice of the media because he would do every interview and he was blowing up the Republican field. Every victory was an upset and every debate was an event. Eventually, the Left could just talk about him not paying workers or dodging taxes and knock him out of the general election.

It was a dangerous game and the Left lost. Since the only good Republican in the one who loses, they could not conceive of a “best” candidate to become president from the GOP. Trump was media savvy and chose to cut off communication with the non-Fox media after the nomination, choosing instead to do a number of big rallies which served as free infomercials from the media.

Obama proved he was able to excite the media into promoting him. Trump was able to use the media to promote himself. Obama’s coattails vanished after less than a year in office. Trump’s coattails were nonexistent in 2016 and may be less so in 2018. If that’s the case, he’d be the one to lose the game.


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