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Best Interests

April 3, 2017
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In the last 100 years, Over 40 people have been appointed to the Supreme Court. Some who were nominated have withdrawn. Only 4 were rejected outright by the Senate. Every single rejection was by a Democrat Senate to a Republican nominee.

Public relations battles have brought some success to Democrats. They were able to point to Robert Bork as an extremist, making future nominees choose their words carefully. Harriet Miers (nominated by a Republican) was criticized for not being a judge, even though Elena Kagan eventually became a Justice (nominated by a Democrat).

The success of the Democrats with SCOTUS may explain why they never allowed the “nuclear option” of a simple majority for the Court. They always win. Even with a Republican president and Congress, they are trying to stop the next nominee by filibuster.

One of three things could happen. The Democrats decide to let the nomination go through and Gorsuch is confirmed with 52 votes. The Democrats could filibuster and the Republicans could back down. The likely option is that Democrats make a big show out of filibustering to raise some donations, the Republicans change the Senate rulesĀ and Gorsuch is confirmed with 52 votes.

For Democrats, this is a lose-lose. Republicans can appoint anyone they want, Democrats will be seen as stupid and Gorsuch will be on the Supreme Court. They can’t even work in their best interests anymore.


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