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Maybe It Should Be Replace and Repeal | March 26, 2017

I think the AHCA vote is a good example of this new administration. Donald Trump promised much and has delivered little. His priorities are more toward monetary policy than domestic policy. It also seems that the White House and the Tea Party that created the Freedom Caucus are not in sync.

To avoid sounding like a RINO, some of the Trump supporters on the right have been using conservative talking points that are ineffective to a general audience. When they say voting down taxes and insurance coverage requirements will create choice and competition and lower costs, it’s pretty easy for the media to translate that as cutting taxes for the rich and taking away health care.

Repeal on Day 1 was going to be impossible with 52 Republican Senators. Replacement is less likely. Now, the GOP has decided that “Let Obamacare Die” is the new slogan, which is dangerously close to Alan Grayson’s suggestion of the GOP wanting people to die quickly. What needs to be done is tort reform and that can happen at the state level. When damages are reduced, malpractice insurance goes down, defensive medicine is reduced and health care becomes less expensive.

It looks like Obamacare will have to be replaced from the outside until repealing it will merely be a formality. Maybe we can build a wall around it.


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