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The Female Donald Trump | March 18, 2017

The term “political donor” is an oxymoron. Depending on the donation, a politician has to either listen to the donor, take their advice or face the wrath of going against them. Donors themselves can either hand over money because they agree with the candidate or because they are impressed with them after a meeting.

Quick quiz? Who has 4 kids, is the child of a wealthy businessman and has been financing conservatives for a decade? No, Donald Trump was donating to Hillary Clinton since fairly recently. I write of the elusive Rebekah Mercer.

I’ll take the Huffington Post article with a grain of salt, but the elements of it aren’t very controversial. While Donald Trump probably had the money to entirely self-finance his presidential bid, he chose to take money from willing donors like Sheldon Adelson. The Mercers originally donated to Ted Cruz while suggesting his campaign pay for a campaign data firm with little or no results.

The Mercers had already put money into Breitbart News just after Steve Bannon took over. When it was likely that Trump would beat Cruz, Breitbart News fully got on board the Trump Train and Bannon helped connect Rebekah Mercer and her money with Donald Trump. What may have been more important, however, was her suggestion that Bannon be in charge of the campaign alone with pollster Kellyanne Conway.

Speculation is in the article’s conclusions that Mercer wanted Jeff Sessions in the cabinet (a win) and John Bolton (a loss) and is becoming disillusioned with Trump’s less than libertarian populism.

More interesting was that pollster Pat Caddell discovered in 2013 that there was a desire by Americans for an outsider, regardless of their party designation. To an extent, it’s what Obama ran on in 2008, even if he never meant it. Donald Trump is likely the president today because of what he’s not rather than who he is.



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