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The Real Fake News | March 2, 2017

Hillary Clinton really knows how to create winning ideas.

Both “fake news” and “deplorables” came from the Clinton campaign before they were taken up by Donald Trump. Also of interest is that Obamacare started as Obama’s attempt to offer a similar plan to Clinton’s in debates.

The original fake news was a willful attempt by bloggers to spread stories predicated on their chances to hurt a candidate rather than add new information. When they get picked up by the mainstream media, the fake newser has won. In my opinion, the standard for fake news has to be a series of documents given to CBS by Bill Burkett containing serious accusations from George W. Bush’s National Guard commander. The documents were found to be suspicious, then forged and briefly defended anyway.

When this fake news story was released, Bush smartly issued a short denial and left it alone. John Kerry was already being swift boated at the time and attempts to defend it were just putting a spotlight of his denigration of fellow soldiers in Vietnam while men like John McCain were still POWs. Twitter was not around and Facebook was still competing with Myspace. However, bloggers started passing around the screen captures (not yet in hi-def) and eventually the pdfs that CBS agreed to release. The segment aired less than two months before election day. In 2 weeks, it vindicated Bush as the potential victim of a media conspiracy.

Conservatives have to watch for bias in every story. Media outlets will leave out facts or misrepresents statements. It is not fake news. It is bias. The Bowling Green Massacre is a terror plot, not a terror attack. When negative stories about you are dismissed as “fake news” and glowing puff pieces are “good stories,” it negates the very idea of a fair and impartial press. Some Trump supporter may think this will kill the bad media outlets and moderate the others. However, discrediting the press is also a favorite strategy of dictators who don’t want dissenting views.

Calling real news with bias fake diminishes the real news being created from lies. Today is the fifth anniversary of Andrew Breitbart’s untimely death. The following video is real even if it isn’t good for Donald Trump.


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