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The Way They Were

February 27, 2017
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During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump made what might be considered a smart but calculated decision to say he didn’t care who used what bathroom in response to questions about Obama federally mandating that a kid in a school could use whatever bathroom he or she identified with. In typical word salad fashion, Trump expressed that things should stay the way they are, not defined by law like in North Carolina.

Trump rescinded the Obama order about bathrooms last week, letting state laws dictate the rules. Unsurprisingly, he went against the objections of his newly confirmed Secretary of Education. This action does leave things “the way they were before Obama made the rules. It also falls more in line with what the 40% of Trump supporters in the general population prefer.

The problem with the slippery slope is that stopping becomes very difficult. The worst part about being gay in the past would seem to be the possibility for blackmail and the threat of public humiliation, let alone the legal danger. Then again, lots of sex stuff was under the RADAR.

However, once we truly don’t care what two (or more) people do in private, why do we need public policy? Do we define gay by engaging in gay sex acts? If we do, how do we classify bisexuals or straight people who experiment? Then there’s gender identity? How does a man know they feel like they’re a woman? How does a child know they’re the “wrong” gender? How do we legally quantify something that is dictated by psychology?

I see the world in terms of humans who are straight and gendered. At the same time, we all have different aspects of our self-identity and sexual preferences that are unique, or part of a spectrum. Is there a difference between a gay man and a straight man who is sexually attracted to men? One seems to want a label and permission, the other just wants to have sex with dudes.

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