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The Child Molester That Wasn’t

February 20, 2017
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Trumpy Twitter went crazy last night over Milo Yiannopoulos. First, he was invited to speak at CPAC. Other conservatives responded by posting clips of Milo joking about the advantages of gay men and “boys” in sexual relationships. Trump supporters were conflicted because in their world, Big Brother can’t be ungood.

Not being immersed in either side, I took what Milo said for what it probably was, Milo saying outrageous things to get attention. Yeah, he’s gay and multicultural and is into Black guys, but he’s a creeper like¬†Mike Cernovich and other Trump worshipers, much like Donald Trump himself.

Over a matter of hours, I watched with bemusement as Trumpers reevaluated their initial gut reactions, aided by Trumpers who use social media to spread confirmation bias. Eventually, they saw a way to believe Milo was not only innocent of supporting child molestation, but was framed by evil anti-Trump forces. Milo lost the CPAC speaking gig and a book deal.

I already wrote about sexuality, but I never got around to writing about creepers on the Trump Train. That’s how I view¬†Milo Yiannopoulos. You can be cool with gay people and find his particular brand of outrageousness gross. I sure do.

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