Days of Change


February 3, 2017
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Donald Trump has been president for two weeks and the push back is yuge.

Federal judges have issued more and more specific and wide-ranging rulings on the travel ban as they were being ignored by the administration. The guy running the justice department today is going to have to get a stay on the restraining order that is already letting the “banned” people with Visas onto planes headed for the US.

This does, however, reduce the necessity for pro-Trump blogs to even bring up the mess in Yemen this week where a plan rejected by Obama was green-lit by Trump, Bannon and whoever else was at the situation room dinner at the time.

And yes, I am blaming this on Trump. Did he really think the minority of people who voted for him was going to turn around the whole country on a ridiculous bit of security theater? If you want to cut out the heart of the left, you take their money. That’s what Scott Walker did in Wisconsin.

The cracks are starting to appear and it took a whole fortnight.

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