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The Two-Dollar Hooker

January 28, 2017
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There’s an old joke about a $2 hooker, that’s she’s not much to look at, but she gets the job done.

I didn’t like Trump because I thought he wasn’t very conservative (that’s still in flux, especially on taxes and protectionism) and that he would do poorly in a general election. Trump did do poorly, only getting 46% of voters to pick him. However, it was an ugly result that got the job done.

This post on Ace of Spades lays out the case for indifference and why someone can both not support Trump as a politician but still enjoy liberal defeats at his hands. The left used the Alinsky method of attacking conservatives for hypocrisy for so long that only a completely open hypocrite could win. You can find clips of Trump saying diametrically opposing remarks on virtually any issue. Trump’s answer is similar to Andrew Breitbart’s answer to may arguments: So?

Now that President Trump has had a week to write some executive orders, he’s doing things he promised to do, things that Republicans might not do on their own, and possibly things that will make him an ineffective president in the near future. Trump himself is indifferent to criticism, as long as he has already moved them to the “enemy” column. We’ll see what happens when the Executive Orders run out.

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