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In Ted Cruz News

January 25, 2017
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So, Politico ran a story about Senator Ted Cruz starting pick up basketball games with fellow Republicans as a way to mend fences after the 2016 campaign. Former Gawker tentacle Deadspin, a sports-related gossip site, sent out a tweet asking for pictures of Cruz playing basketball. One suspects they wanted to either 1) prove he can’t play or 2) find some way to make a picture embarrassing. Cruz himself responded by tweeting a pic of Grayson Allen, who is known on the Internets as a dead ringer for Cruz.

You can see in this post that Deadspin did not respond well, even if Cruz did.

One thing is clear. Even thought Donald Trump is being advised by a man who engineered Gawker’s destruction, those bitter liberals are just as angry at Ted Cruz because they were told he was the big evil before Trump was. While Trump has hit the ground running to some extent, I can’t say that the rise in the stock market isn’t the result of the end of Obama, rather than solely due to Trump. Any Republican would be as hated by the left and liked by people who don’t like Obama or Hillary Clinton.

Personally, I find Cruz’ Twitter game much more clever than Trump’s collection of misspellings and third-grade words like sad, losing, or “very unfair.”

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