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Pride Goeth Before a Fall

January 23, 2017
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So, the thin veneer of Obama’s bipartisanship was over in less than 100 days in 2009. In fact, it took less than 80 days to organize¬†Tea Party rallies for tax day. Those rallies were mocked as nonsensical and pointless. For his part, Obama’s answer for most criticism was “I won.”The liberal media had already talked about Democrats as a permanent majority part after decimating the Republican Party in 2006 and 2008.

Does this seem familiar?

The conservative media, including Fox News, talk radio, blogs that suck up to Trump and the alternative news blogs that booster Trump, are as powerful as the mainstream media, even if they are not as ubiquitous. So, when Fox downplays the protests Saturday while CNN and MSNBC air them all day, this is not the media vs. Trump. It’s a bunch of channels that collectively have lower ratings than Fox News against the biggest name in cable news. Even so, MSNBC posted their highest ratings in years that day.

Trump world (the administration and his Internet Action Force) have been arguing about crowd estimates and alternative theories of viewership. This is a pretty obvious attempt to prove that the 46% of voters who actually picked Trump on a ballot represent a silent majority. The online Trump contingent has sought to downplay the effectiveness of the rallies and mock the people and their hats. I wonder if they would make fun of a pink tri-corner hat.

My wish is for a semi-permanent Republican majority based on free-market economics and traditional morality. Donald Trump can sign a thousand¬†Executive Orders and the next Democrat can reverse them all. Trump is using the Alinsky playbook, but the liberals live it. They are already using the grass-roots model, funded by Soros and fueled by Trump’s outright lies about stupid things to marginalize him as president.

The only defense is to see that this is happening and Trump supporters are winning to much to see it.

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