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Mr. 3000

January 21, 2017
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This blog started the day after Election day 2008. The original target end date was in 1539 days when the “next” president was inaugurated. Instead, the Obama Era lasted 3,000 days from Election Night to Inauguration Day 2017.

The best president in the 20th Century was Probably Ronald Reagan (or maybe Calvin Coolidge). Trump has some similarities to Reagan. Both were discounted because of their place in popular culture and both felt government had a much more limited role. However, Reagan had a large amount of political experience, was a booster for the Republican Party and was cordial with his enemies.

The worst president of the 21st century has been Barack Obama. Trump shares some similarities with him. Both are cults of personality. They both have little in the way of political experience or governance. Both took joy in attacking their enemies and letting them know they won.

Obama’s lousy attitude created both a defiant Congress and a grass-roots movement to fight him. Even if George Soros creates an “astroturf” movement, it could have a real effect. 63 million people voted for Donald Trump. 74 million voted for someone else. Trump’s victory was a result of just the right vote distribution and opposition from other directions. Unlike Obama, who never had to work for anything, Trump will have to work his ass off to keep America great.

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