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These Are the Good Days

January 8, 2017
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This week has been especially entertaining for the Trump skeptic. Some of us didn’t warm to the argument that we should vote for Trump because Hillary Clinton is worse because the argument was made by people who would watch Trump strangle a puppy and be certain the puppy had done some evil stuff to deserve that. There are problems with Trump, regardless of how not Hillary he is, and he’s not going to change unless people stop liking him when he does bad things.

In the waning days of the Obama regime, the intelligence community is full-on leaking details of a Russian plot to gaslight Clinton with embarrassing campaign e-mails and widely distributed stories about her having any number of debilitating ailments and murder victims. The two-pronged Trump attack has been that the Russians 1)didn’t change any ballots and 2)didn’t hack any e-mails.

On the e-mail front, the Trump media is relying on Julian Assange of Wikileaks, who was pretty unpopular with most conservatives a few years ago. Sean Hannity not only changed his mind, but flew to the embassy where Assange has been holed up for years and apologized for ever doubting him. Sarah Palin even apologized and Wikileaks published her hacked e-mails.

back when Putin was making Obama look useless, it was funny to comment about how strong and powerful Putin was. However, Putin is a monster. Recently, an investigation showed that FSB whistle blower Alexander Litvinenko was not killed in a singularly horrible fashion for revealing political secrets about Putin, but for bringing up Putin’s sexual interest in young boys.

Like Putin, Donald Trump is at his most reactive when personal invective are used, much like the way I described Putin and other dictators 6 years ago. Also, like 6 years ago, I can still write the same things about Julian Assange and his Polanski-esque escape. It is fully possible that the Russians told lies and distributed truth about the Clinton campaign to help Donald Trump. It’s basically what the Right has been accusing George Soros of for years. Does that reality hurt Donald Trump? t might, but he’s till president and he would have to earn America’s respect either way.

Right now, we’re running out of principled people to hold him accountable.

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