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I Choose You

December 21, 2016
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One thing Ronald Reagan did in 1980 was to bring back the image of Republicans as a principled and adult political party. One way he did that was by being a former FDR Democrats who found that his party had left behind its principled as he defined a new set of principles for Republican government based on lower taxes and less government waste.

Donald Trump had a similar draw. Trump was a Democrat for years and donated to New York candidates accordingly. I assume 9/11 and the pro-Islam approach of the current administration finally made him tired of being a Democratic party ally. In turn, it gave Republicans a sense that there was something desirable about the party, despite all the media opinion against the GOP.

The occasional lefty blogger writes about how Fox News made their dad a right-wing ideologue. There’s even a movie about one dad. Some of it was post-9/11, when some former Democrats ┬ádecided that other liberals were arguing against the War on Terror for political reasons, or saw the Obama administration’s focus on ignoring the tacit support among the majority of Muslims toward terror. Others were sick of the weird culture of doing your own thing over caring about how people paid the bills.

Donald Trump not only spoke for the dads who turned to the right because the left was crazy, he was one of those dads. His White House staff is influenced by Fox News analysts and talk radio proposals. In the popular vote, he won the majority of men, the majority of people over 40 years old and almost double the amount of male Democrat votes than Hillary Clinton got votes from male Republicans.

This time, the dads won.

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