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Who Likes the Electoral College Now?

December 19, 2016
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Among other things, this country is one of the few with a name like The United States of America. We are a collection of different state governments that deal as one with other countries (for the most part). The last century has seen progressives trying to federalize the United States into a Dominion of America.

The most recent example of state rights to annoy the left is the Electoral College. I noticed a number of Trump supporters were wary of the process until it meant Trump won and Hillary didn’t. I always supported it, so I didn’t have to wait for it to be Trump approved. Since at least 2000, Democrats have been trying to make a popular plurality (most popular vote “winners” are incapable of majorities) the standard for the presidency.

The Democratic model is to create more customers by increasing the population density in cities. This does not bode well for the old Democratic model where blue collar workers had good union jobs. Those formerly Democratic states are turning Republican and the current Democratic states are only becoming more polarized.

States like New York are already fighting between a conservative part being dictated to by a geographically small, but populous liberal part of the state. If those lost Congressional districts are any indication, people have had enough of it. That’s the great thing about the USA. If you don’t like one state, you can go to one that’s very different.

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