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Electoral-fying | December 18, 2016

The only reason tomorrow’s Electoral Vote is of any consequence is because Democrats have moved into the same head space that Republicans did who saw Donald Trump winning primaries and didn’t have any idea to stop him. Some wanted to free the delegates. Now, those who seek to de-legitimize the presidency want to free the Electors.

So it turns out that Trump’s plan of winning by plurality worked. The 46% of the popular vote he got in the general election matches the 45% he got in the Republican primaries. Of course, Bill Clinton won his first election with 43% of the popular vote. Back in 2000, the Democrats blamed Florida and the 500 vote margin for Bush’s presidency and he got 48%.

To say no one took Trump seriously is the wrong take. The voters took him seriously. It’s possible they did not take him literally. What they saw was a Rocky Balboa who was trying to win vs. Apollo Creed telling them he already won. This wasn’t just in the general election, but in the primaries as well.

The last few years have cleared the decks of a Democratic Party majority basically anywhere. Trump cleared out the GOP that was beholden to moneyed interests. Tomorrow and the days after are not about who wins. Republicans already won. This is about how Republicans can keep the support of Americans, even the ones who didn’t vote for them.

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