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What of It?

December 13, 2016
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It’s not surprising that Trump fans have taken each new weird thing Trump has done since the election as either a plan to shake things up in government or a way to make media “heads explode” or something to that effect. Hiring a bunch of CEOs sounds like a great talk radio solution, but what does it mean?

First of all, businesses are supposed to make money. This is why I bristle at mandates for companies to create “good-paying jobs.” You should pay what you need to for the best employees. If you pay more, you’ll probably end up with good employees who won’t leave. If other companies want that kind of loyalty, they will pay more. All a government agency does is lose money. At best, a CEO can lose less money.

I also am not crazy about the idea that we need an oligarchy of billionaires to fix what’s wrong with government. Most of these captains of industry have made deals with governments to have exclusive contracts or engage in some of the corruption that is rampant around the world.

The free market is a good tool for economics because people buy what they want to buy. Government’s mandate is to spend. It doesn’t take a bunch of CEOs to find waste, fraud and abuse. It takes a forensic accountant. Where are those guys?

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