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December 9, 2016
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In April 2009, when the first rallies against President Obama were called “tea parties,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi referred to the movement as “AstroTurf” to define it as a fake grass-roots effort. in 18 months after that claim, Pelosi had lost her leadership in the Senate. Four years after that, the Democrats lost the majority in the Senate and in about 40 days, her party will have no legislative power in the federal government and control of only a handful of states.

Donald Trump’s win proves that the media lost its power to influence reality. Nearly every newspaper in the country chose not to endorse Donald Trump and broadcast media took to “fact” checking him in real time. Now that the left doesn’t have a monopoly on the news, news itself is no longer reliable. Therefore, fake news was born.

There is almost no definition of fake news that the liberal media hasn’t engaged in before. Publishing reports before they were checked? They’ve done that. Allowing advocates for one side deliver a biased story under the cover of news? They’ve done that, too. How about publishing entirely fictitious stories to meet deadlines? Yep, that too.

This evening, the bombshell story of Obama ordering a report on Russian influence on the election was followed within hours of a fully-formed Washington Post story where the CIA had already concluded that the Russians wanted Trump to win. The fact is, that is “fake news” because a country’s leadership merely favoring one candidate over another is not news. Many countries wanted Hillary Clinton to win. There is still no evidence that Russia either had a material influence on the election, or the most ridiculous speculation that Trump worked with them to win.

The irony is that Democrats dismissed the influence of Russia for over a decade. They mocked Bush for having a Secretary of State (Condolezza Rice) who was an expert on Russia, and criticized Romney in 2012 for talking about Russia as a threat. Now that Trump isn’t calling Russia evil, they are suddenly fixing voting machines left and right. Speculation without information is exactly what the left wants to call fake news, and they’re doing it themselves.

AstroTurf or grass, Democrats ate some of it last month.

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