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The New Experiment

December 8, 2016
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I wrote back in April about the theoretical contest between a true conservative and a true liberal. instead, we got a liberal who loved the Communist principle of the party leaders living in luxury against a hard-partying tycoon who underwent some sort of political conversion over the course of the Obama administration.

This is already the highest turnout election in history with the most popular votes for any Republican. Hillary Clinton is within a few hundred thousand votes of Obama’s 2012 total. This brings me to one conclusion. There were Republican leaners who decided to keep Obama in office for some reason and were somehow motivated by Donald Trump.

Trump engaged in a new experiment. He talked about the issues the Democrats and most of the Republicans did not, foreign countries stealing our jobs and foreign people stealing our stuff. He personified all the conservative blogs and their messages for the last decade. This silent plurality wanted Mitt Romney to talk tough or John McCain to go after the media who attacked Sarah Palin. When they didn’t come though, they decided to stay home and let the world burn.

As President-Elect, Trump is continuing rule by blogosphere. At least it’s different.

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