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The Bubble Has No Electoral Votes

December 6, 2016
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In the post-Trump victory episode of Real Time, Bill Maher had a panel of all liberal commentators including Ana Marie Cox, musician John Legend and some “redneck” comedian named Trae Crowder who is apparently getting his own show. Crowder seemed fairly authentic because he had some idea why Trump one while no one else did.

For a while now, Maher himself has been critical of liberals, especially on terrorism, since he hates Islam as much as every other religion. While arguing this, Ana Marie Cox said the thing that perfectly summed up why Trump won. “Let me get this straight. The problem with American politics is that we don’t cater enough to White men?” It was as snarkily delivered as you’d expect.

For those who don’t remember, Ms. Cox founded a site called Wonkette. It was famous for publishing details of a woman who claimed to accept gifts (including money) for sexual favors in D.C. That was the springboard to Cox’s career in paid media.

So, put yourself in the place of a miner or a steelworker or manufacturer working at a job in front of the same machine every day for years. You make decent enough money, but you’re supporting a family and you never know when the place will close shop. Now, some woman whose never had to struggle a day in her life and makes 10 or more times more than you thinks that you’re being catered to in life. That’s the wrong message AND the wrong messenger.

I would speculate that was the problem with “pussygate” as well. This was a story about Trump claiming that women threw themselves at him and that meant he could do what he wanted. He could do what he wanted because they were throwing themselves at him. Plus, the women he was talking about were rich and/or famous and never seemed to complain until there was a financial incentive. This was the hill upon which Hill’s campaign decided to die.

Let me quote myself from June.

Unlike Mitt Romney, they don’t have to dig up some Democratic Party operative claiming that Romney caused his wife to die from cancer. There are thousands of lawsuits from people who think Trump owes them. While many may be trumped up, (pun intended) the Democrats only need the most legitimate and egregious 1% of victims to have an ad strategy for the entire general election campaign.

There were scores of hard working, family businesses and tradesmen who are currently fighting with a Donald Trump who didn’t feel like paying them. Instead of focusing on that, the Democrats were trying to get possible Hillary voters to keep from voting for Trump. The problem is, most of those women live in states where Hillary had a lock. The other part of winning a campaign is to demoralize the other guy’s supporters. With margins around 1%, focusing on a tycoon who won’t pay an honest man for an honest day’s work might have done it. I guess liberals can’t see those people from the bubble.

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