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No Explanations Necessary

December 5, 2016
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One of the more annoying terms I’ve seen is “mansplaining,” which is supposedly when a man explains something to a woman because he doesn’t think she understands it. I have to explain things for a living and I will admit it creeps into my regular life as well. However, sometimes I like to explain and add context just to help my own understanding of the world.

So, how about the people who don’t explain things, but simply do them? I don’t tend to like those people because they are short with people like me, usually ending the conversation with “get it done” or something like that. Donald Trump is one of those guys.

I’ve mentioned before that at a personality level, there is something about Trump that I don’t like. However, to many people he appears to be a doer rather than a guy who starts every other sentence with “let me be clear.” What’s interesting that Trump as a CEO would probably anger union employees looking for a raise or benefits. Except now, Trump is the CEO of the American people and he’s planning to work in their interest.

It should be obvious that you don’t have to be smart or intellectually curious to be president. You do have to surround yourself with the right smart people. The guy who made a name for himself across the world also made a billion dollars disappear in the 90’s. I still don’t know which one was elected.

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