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Donald J. Trump, Socialist

November 30, 2016
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Socialism is defined by government controlling the means of production. Donald Trump praised a “deal” with Carrier that sought to control their production by use of the government.

The good news today is that instead of 2,000 people losing jobs in Indiana by moving production to Mexico, 1,000 people will not be laid off in February. The bad news is that 1,000 other people will lose their jobs, the people who have those jobs probably won’t see overtime anymore and Donald Trump is morally flexible on the concept of a free market.

When Obama was elected, I figured the bright spot was that he would put in tariffs to keep cheap foreign goods from coming in. I guess not. It’s a short term fix, but it was the best one could expect from a Democrat. Instead, we have a populist who wants to be liked. His supporters love this, too. Many were never big on the free market. The ones who are should be ashamed.

When you offer incentives for jobs, you are buying jobs. Lowering tax rates is one thing. If you do it across the board or for start-ups, you are trying to encourage economic activity. When you play the New York State game of demanding jobs for grants, you end up spending tax money for corporate welfare and often not even getting any jobs.

You either believe in free trade or you don’t. When you act like a job exists to fund a person’s life instead of a contract for work, or when you make a shady deal no one knows the specifics of, you don’t believe in free trade.


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