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Purity Test

November 28, 2016
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The Trumpster fire continues.

So, there are 3 scenarios being proposed for the reason why Mitt Romney was floated as Secretary of State while most of the Trump train oppose it.

  1. Trump legitimately considered Mitt Romney a contender for the job, but has trouble making the final decision (a la Mike Pence / Chris Christie)
  2. Trump wanted Romney for SOS, but his supporters’ angry reaction forced him to scrap it (like his flip-flops on abortion or immigration)
  3. Trump is orchestrating some screw job on the media and using Mitt Romney as a stooge. This is highly unlikely, but the most desired reality for Trumpers.

For the most part, it doesn’t really matter which scenario is true. It’s kind of like Schrodinger’s cat, all the possibilities are true. In this case, when Trump decides what reality sounds best, he will eventually convince himself that was the plan all along.

Earlier, Nikki Haley was chosen for the Ambassador to the UN. Initially, Trump lovers were upset at a disloyal Cruz supporter being brought into the Trump administration. Most were fortunate enough to brainwash themselves into believing her appointment was a boon to her Trump supporting Lieutenant Governor and that the UN would be ignored in a Trump administration anyway. Big Brother is always right.

I’m willing to give Donald Trump a chance as president, but most of the dumb things I hear right now are from Trump die-hards, and I have a hard time finding their grasp on reality. I am enjoying the alternating purity tests, followed by the internal justification used when Trump fails the test. It’s like Republican Obots.


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