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Giving Thanks for Another Chance

November 24, 2016
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If there’s one way to describe this presidential election, it is too close for comfort. In the end, two things kept Hillary Clinton out of the White House. First, the media’s confidence about her winning the election led to the second thing, people who would have voted Democrat in a close election were so fatigued by scandal, they decided to vote third-party (or for Trump) as a protest to her shady dealings. Basically, this election really was like Brexit.

Even though there was some good fortune involved in Trump’s win, this does not mean that he should give Democrats a place at the table or work with them. When Obama took office, he quickly passed what he could with three RINOs in the Senate until the short period when there were 60 Democrats. That’s how we got Obamacare. When the Republicans regained Congress, Obama turned to Executive Orders and regulation. The Republicans are now in the same position. Even if they acted the same way, most of what happens will only be to reverse all the stuff Obama already did.

Thank God we have a chance to make America less bad again. Once we get there, maybe we can work on the great part.


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