Days of Change

Clean Slate | November 22, 2016

Over a year ago, I wrote about Donald Trump as an Obama-style blank slate. Other candidates had to defend their political records, which involved compromise, because that’s how politics works. Donald Trump had only his personal history. Even though it was filled with Democratic party entanglements, somehow that was irrelevant. Much like Obama, he won on the ability to squirm out of actual political experience. Unlike Obama, he doesn’t have much of the party behind him.

The Trump cabinet is being filled with media figures and low-level government mavericks. This is the advantage of not having a team of people in mind ahead of time. In practice, the swamp will be drained by thousands of Obama administration staff walking out the doors on January 20. Trump’s job is to not refill the swamp with whatever makes the swamp swampy.

The federal government is a massive complicated machine. The people with the biggest will have the most power. I suspect Trump and Stephen Bannon will end up having to filter their sloganeering through Mike Pence, who is now the most important man in the world. Not bad for a guy who was poised to lose the Indiana gubernatorial election.


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