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Whup-Ass Has an Expiration Date

November 21, 2016
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The story today is that Donald Trump had a meeting with several media figures n condition of non-disclosure. He then proceeded to berate them for negative stories. Unlike the NDAs he makes other people sign, these media figures weren’t going to be bullied if they didn’t get anything out of the deal.

At a certain point, the GOP decided that the moral high ground was better than fighting against an all-powerful media empire. Reagan helped to slow that evil empire by eliminating “equal time” rules that allowed conservatives to flourish on talk radio. By 1994, Republicans were able to get control of the Congress for the first time in decades. Two years later, Fox News came along and dominated cable ratings.

It’s not surprising that the entertainment industry, like the Hamilton cast and the American Music Awards, is using their monopoly to beat up on the coming Trump administration. In exchange, they are being beaten up by an emboldened social media contingent that wants to make America, you know.

Speaking truth to power is fine, but once Trump is in power, being a shill for power is much less rebellious. Opening up a can of whup-ass on every Trump criticism, valid or not eventually loses all context. Those undecided people who put Trump over the edge may regret their decision in the wake of a bunch of sore winners. You can’t be the victim fighting back forever.


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