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Aaron Burr | November 19, 2016

Did you hear that Donald Trump paid $25 million in hush money to settle the Trump University case? Probably not. That Hamilton story, however, is all over the place.

Ironically, the actor playing Aaron Burr spoke up during the performance of the theater production of “Hamilton” to address Vice President-Elect Mike Pence. Along with the booing and jeers of the Leftist New York Audience, the actor actually said he hoped Pence would heed his call for tolerance. So, if anything kills Hamilton, it will be Aaron Burr.

Aaron Burr is an interesting figure in history. He was orphaned by two families before he was 3, and was placed with relatives of Peggy Shippen. Years later, he would serve with Benedict Arnold with distinction and that led to his career in New York politics. At the time, New York was the location of the capitol of the United States. He eventually became the third Vice-President of the United States.

Burr also was attacked in the media, leading to his defeat 4 years later. Also at the time, Vice-President was the runner-up gig when you lost the Electoral Vote. Burr blamed Hamilton and challenged him to a duel. This is the part most people know. Burr continued as Vice-President for another 8 months after the duel, but it effectively any political career he had left.

You’d think the cast of Hamilton would have learned the folly of Pyrrhic victories by now.


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